Flight Club Podcast

Flight Club #1 - 1001km in the Alps with Davide

Announcing Flight Club - your weekly podcast about pilots and their gliding stories. Starting today, Clemens Pape will provide you with weekly episodes about pilots and their most memorable flights from all over the world. Don't forget to tune in every friday night.

His first guest is Davide Giovanelli, a member of the Swiss Gliding Team, multiple time winner of the Italian gliding championships and participant in the Junior Worlds!

They chat about Davide's 1001km flight in March, how the Locarno airfield is located for big flights in the Southern Alps and how to keep up speed and motivation when going cross county.

Following the mountain ranges after an early takeoff

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Deezer and Buzzsproud. Make sure to subscribe to never miss an episode.

We have also embedded the audio inside the flight page on WeGlide, so just head over to Davide's 1001km flight to listen to the podcast while following along the flight path.

You can write us your feedback and ideas regarding the podcast to podcast@weglide.org.

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