Introduction to WeGlide Premium

An introduction to all the features that are included in WeGlide Supporter and WeGlide Premium.
Introduction to WeGlide Premium

Welcome to WeGlide Premium 🚀 We're excited to enhance your gliding experience with a set of exclusive features designed to take your flights to new heights. Let's dive into the premium offerings that will elevate your soaring adventure.

WeGlide Coach

Improve your flying strategy with the WeGlide Coach. This analysis feature provides insights into your flight with three key components: Speed to Fly Analysis, Weight Analysis, and Thermal Analysis. Understand how your speed, weight, and thermal strategies compare to optimal recommendations, and receive valuable tips to enhance your gliding performance.

Announcing the WeGlide Coach
Should I have flown faster between thermals? Should I have taken more water with me? The WeGlide Coach now answers these questions for you.

Dive into the details of your flight with Phase Analysis. Explore each thermal and glide with comprehensive statistics. Identify thermals, glide phases, and single-circle attempts, marked in different colors on the map and barogram.

WeGlide Copilot

WeGlide Copilot provides you with real-time data while you are flying. It bundles satellite images and SkySight forecasts with live updrafts, a real-time thermal height map and a map showing real-time vertical air movement. All these charts are updated automatically every minutes, and the live thermals are updated every two seconds. Never miss out on a good thermal or energy line again.

WeGlide Copilot | Real-time data on your phone
After intensive work, we are introducing our new app. Copilot will make it easier for you to make strategic decisions in flight and boost your performance.

3D Flight View

Experience the thrill of your glider flights in a whole new dimension with our 3D Flight View. Follow every twist and turn on an interactive 3D map, offering a detailed perspective of your journey. Activate this feature by clicking on the "3D" button on the bottom left of the map on your flight page. Enjoy playback, change your view with ease, and explore your flights in a way you've never seen before.

3D Flight View
WeGlide flights can now be viewed in 3D with all subscriptions. The feature is mature and works performant on mobile devices.

Statistics List

Compare and analyze multiple flights side by side with the Statistics List. Gain insights into attempts, thermals, circling, gliding, and altitude-related statistics. Use the list to track your progress and compare your flying style with others.

The Trick to Flying Faster
On every single flight, we make hundreds of small mistakes. Understanding and adapting your flying style will help you increase your cross-country speed.

Waypoint Collections

Enhance your task planning with Waypoint Collections. Create custom collections of waypoints for easy organization and accessibility. Use these collections while planning your tasks, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

New: Custom waypoint files
Keyboard support for the task planner, your own waypoint collections and a cleaner task overview page.

Airport Arrival Altitude

Make informed decisions about landing options with the Airport Arrival Altitude feature. We mark reachable airports during your flight, providing color-coded indicators based on safety margins. Green indicates a good safety margin, yellow signals a thin margin, and unmarked airports may require additional altitude or distance. Zoom in to reveal additional airports and plan your landings with confidence.

Thermal Replay

See all the thermals of the day on a map. See thousands of different thermals around you while hovering over the barogram. Analyze where the worthwhile detours would have been. Click on a thermal to get to the corresponding flight.

What You See Is All There Is
This story is about seeing the bigger picture of what is going on in the atmosphere, about understanding how a day is developing.

Day Replay

Relive the excitement of your flights with Day Replay. Enable this feature to see all other glider traffic around you for every minute of your flight. Hover over your barogram to display information about other gliders, adding a dynamic layer to your soaring memories.

Flight Collections

Organize and share your gliding adventures with Flight Collections. Create themed collections, add flights, and share your unique gliding experiences. Customize collections with images and descriptions, and keep them private or share them with a select audience.

Local Competitions

Turn your flights into friendly competitions with Local Competitions. Host and score tasks for your club or friends, creating a fun and engaging way to challenge each other. Scoring is flexible, allowing you to set up competitions for specific days, airports, or even individual legs.

Install WeGlide as an App

Make sure to also check our guide on some of the more basic WeGlide features, like installing WeGlide as an App on your phone's home screen.

Getting Started with WeGlide
If you are new to WeGlide, this is the place to start.

We hope you enjoy our Premium Features, thank you for your support. Happy soaring ✈️🌐