XCSoar Update | Download Declared Tasks

The newest XCSoar release brings Task Download to your device!
XCSoar Update | Download Declared Tasks

The newest XCSoar Update brings new features, especially for pilots flying tasks.

The days of planning tasks in a tool on your computer, downloading the file, moving it to your navigation device, and then eventually being able to see the task on your device, are finally over.

You can now declare a task on WeGlide and directly download it to XCSoar.

This also makes it easy to join a club member on his task since there is no need to share SD-Cards anymore.

This comes in addition to our Integration into LXNav devices, where you can already download your WeGlide Tasks.

Steps to download tasks from WeGlide to XCSoar:

  1. Set your WeGlide ID in "Config" -> "System" -> "Settings" -> "WeGlide"
XCSoar Settings

2. Plan your task on WeGlide (Tutorial) and set it to public

3. Click on "Navigation" -> "Task" -> "Manage" -> "Download WeGlide task"

4. Success!


Downloading Task a Task to XCSoar

Full release notes: