Future Plans

Photo by Holger Leicht, read the original announcement here

We started WeGlide two years ago with the goal of building a platform to connect glider pilots worldwide and to make our beautiful hobby more accessible. A lot has happened since then, and day after day, we try to make WeGlide a bit better.

The goals we set out with are still the same goals we are striving for every day. Build a website pilots enjoy using. Promote gliding as a sport and attract new people. Develop tools that help you become a better pilot.

We are now launching a subscription model with which you can support us. Your contribution helps us achieve these goals. Now, most pilots will just stick with the free version of WeGlide, and that is okay.

Our main focus is and always will be to improve the free version and to build features available to all pilots.

Launching a subscription model allows us to continue working on WeGlide full-time and grow our team. To get fresh articles and stories to you. To develop new features. To make the website beautiful and easier to use. And most importantly - to attract more young people to the sport of gliding.

We look forward to what we can build and achieve together in the next years. If you choose to support us, thank you very much.

Blue skies

Johannes, Moritz and Samuel

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